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Photo by: Mendy Cole Walsh


Faith Fitness Food is an online community with a desire to share hope, joy, love, information, inspiration and instruction on the 3 toughest, yet exciting aspects of today’s society.


There is something that drives us to do what we need to accomplish in life. What is it or who is it that drives you in your journey? Everyday we wake up and repeat the same routines. We walk across this earth seeking love and happiness. The thing that drives us or that we seek, could be helping us or harming us in accomplishing goals or robbing us of joy. What are they, and how do we create a balance in our life? Be prepared for testimonies from others who have struggled in their lives and let’s find out how they healed. Keep seeking and join me on this journey.


The fitness industry has exploded with amazing ideas and ways that we can get in shape. With so much to choose from, where do we start? It is time to visit all of the ways and opportunities to get us living a healthy life. Many workouts will be given to instruct and push you to new heights. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, this community is for everybody to learn, share and teach. When you have questions or advice, feel free to email or comment. We are a community designed to learn and grow together.


America is suffering with obesity, cancer, addictions and damaging eating habits. Food is the fuel we feed our body. It either helps us perform or it can weakened us. You are an amazing creation and because of that, you need the best fuel. You are worth it. Let’s discover what we can, how we can eat, and where we can eat to supply our temples. Information on key foods will be shared. Restaurants will be visited and recipes will be given. Everyone is a gift. Now is the time as a community to open ourselves up realizing our highest potential.


The Author

Adrien Jordan is a personal trainer, outdoor fitness group instructor, and is certified in nutrition. Starting off with becoming a body therapist in 2000, he gained knowledge on how the body moves and functions. The love affair for wanting to inspire others about their body began to blossom. He has spent the last 8 years in the fitness industry pushing positive change in the lives of his family, friends and clients.

The backbone of his journey in life has been knowing Jesus, and the loving support of his family. His love for God, his wife, Elisabeth, and his son, Micah inspire him daily. The journey is not perfect. There have been trials caused by life, and by self that have turned into amazing testimony.  The desire to create this blog comes from wanting to instill Hope in our torn society. We all have been through pain, many are lost on a fitness regime and what to eat. As a community we can uplift each other  and understand our worth. Heart change inspires true progress in all aspects of life.

Elisabeth loves art, photography and food. If she could go back in time and meet Van Gogh she would be joyous. Elisabeth contributes to the blog with beautiful photos and tons of love.

There will be other contributing authors to the site that inspire us!

Favorite Workouts

  • Adrien: Bodyweight Training
  • Elisabeth: Running and Jump Rope
  • Micah: Core Workout (Screaming at the top of his lungs)

Favorite Foods


  • Carbohydrate – Quinoa
  • Protein – Fish
  • Vegetable – Sweet Potato
  • Fruit – Banana
  • Dessert – Cookies
  • Carbohydrate – Pasta
  • Protein – Chicken
  • Vegetable – Cucumber
  • Fruit – Cherries
  • Dessert – Cake
Micah: Mashed Apple (so far)

Adrien, Elisabeth, Micah, and their cat, Cookie reside in sunny Los Angeles, CA.