December 1, 2016

The Powerball Fitness Question

The Powerball Fitness Question

Right now get into a pushup stance and hold it before you continue reading this article. Go for the challenge! Hold that position until you have completed reading. Now you may read.

I have been training clients for almost a decade and the biggest question I have heard from most is,“How do I start?”  This question strikes overwhelming fear in people, keeping them paralyzed in their thoughts. They think of all that they have to do to get from point A to point B. We live in a society that wants everything quick. I get it, I love having things done at the push of an App.

Sixteen years ago I dealt with eating and weight issues. Being born in New Orleans, I had and still have an amazing love for food. I was living a lifestyle that I didn’t think of what food could do to me. I was heavy into playing sports, so I just figured it will all burn off anyway. Weight started creeping up on me and I became uncomfortable in my own skin. I had to figure out how to get my life back, but I didn’t know how. More weight started to creep up from fear of beginning. I had to make a checklist to get going. Below is an updated checklist I wish I used. Let’s make a plan together.

How Do I Start?

Be Real

Ask yourself why you want to lose weight, be toned, build big muscles or get an 8 pack of abdominals. In most cases, we are driven by reasons that push us to want to achieve these goals. What are your reasons?

Wait…let’s get deeper. What is it that’s keeping you from achieving these goals? A stress filled life, fear of failure, generational bad habit, an addiction to something, a guilty past or a shameful past? Heart change inspires true progress. There may be something you are running from, but it just keeps catching up to you. It is huge to pinpoint what is constantly injuring your thoughts.

The big advice here is not to be afraid to talk to your pastor, therapist or friend. Find someone you can confide in, and ease the weight off of your chest. Confessing your struggles is one of the biggest tools in your fitness journey to accomplishing your goal. It is also scary. Be cautious and gain accountability with someone you can trust.

Doctor Visit

Visiting your physician is a way to understand what your body is lacking or what could be damaged. Being scared of a visit could harm you more and keep you in denial. Get a regular tune up as you bring your body to new levels in fitness.

Write Down Your Goals

When you see a recipe you love, you take down all ingredients and instructions to create that amazing meal. You want to be a gourmet meal, and you require certain ingredients to be made into that 5 star gourmet dish. Write down your ingredients’ list to achieve your goals. If you are missing an ingredient, it may not come out right.

What goals do you want to accomplish?

  • Lose Weight?
  • Get Toned?
  • Participate in a Fitness Event?
  • Face a Fear?
  • Be athletic with your kids?
  • Heal from an injury?

 This is your moment to change the path you want to walk. Avoid going in circles. A new path awaits.


Writing down your goal list and accountability go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Put yourself out there with a friend. Show them your list. Invite them to join you on your fitness journey. This can be the friend that you confess your struggle with as mentioned earlier in the post. A real friend will tell you the absolute truth about your daily rituals. They can also help you tighten up your goal list. I get crazy when I talk about goals and they can get very lofty. All I have to do is share with my wife or friend just so that they can give me a blank stare to bring me back to earth. Hey, we get excited when we want to achieve something right?!

Joining a group or a fitness coach who specializes in an event you want to succeed in is also a fantastic way to have accountability. Being around others who are more experienced will give you plenty of knowledge and preparedness to dominate your goals . Get out and play with the big boys until you are one of them.

Buy Fitness Clothes

Anyone who knows me understands that Nike products run in my blood. The way the shirt fits, the way the shorts move and the lightness of the shoes make me feel like an Olympian. When I change out of them, I’m just a fitness peasant.

Confidence is built up by the right cloths for you. When you go on a date, you look and feel your best. You want to impress the other person or the crowd. What if you took that approach to yourself with fitness clothes? I’m telling you to dapper up in your fitness world. Go shopping to find what you need to feel comfortable and inspired!

Eat the Earth

There must be a change in the kitchen if you want to perform at your peak. Feed yourself high class fuel because you deserve it. You are a priceless “insert your favorite car.”

In a supermarket, you will find an aisle usually in the beginning filled with colors. Those would be the veggies. The nutrition that comes from the earth will change your life. It is filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, which will detox and rebuild your body. Cook fresh, amazing meals from scratch! If you like meat proteins, focus on going lean and organic.

Nutrition is lacking in frozen foods, and they will physically and mentally slow you down. Filled with sodium and many chemicals that you or I have never heard of doesn’t sound yummy. They are designed for the quick feed. Remember, your body is designed for top speed. It can be overwhelming with a complete overhaul of your fridge.

Here are 4 basic tips to get you started.

  •  Remove Fast Food from your diet
  •  Remove Soda
  • Throw out the refined sugars
  • Increase your water intake

 Doing these 4 things right away will have you quickly becoming strong and lean. Visiting a nutritionist is helpful, especially if you are suffering from a specific health issue. 

Avoid the Media Tactics

Social media and TV loves to tell us what we need in order for them to make money. There are inspiring things to see in any form of media, but there are many things designed to make you feel like you are lacking something. In today’s world, our lives have started to become defined by what we see on Instagram or what celebrity we should desire to look like. A great way to keeping your head fresh when starting your fit walk is to shut off the media. Gain focus by taking a break from technology. 

Get A Trainer

     It is so important to get proper training before starting your fitness program. An awesome trainer will help you with all the topics above, your posture, and will push you to your goal. If money is an issue, join a group fitness class. There are so many things we tend to spend money on that do nothing for us. How bad do you want it? Pay the fee because you are worth it. You are not made cheap. 

You Will Fail to Success

 Stay out of your head. Stay out of the past. What you used to be is gone, but what you can be is better. You will feel the change. When the body is improving, it hurts. Sore muscles is a sign of refinement. Beware of recurring injuries, a constant pain in a joint or muscle is something to be looked at by your physician.

 Remember that you are making a life change. There are so many rocks on the path that may cause you to stumble. Get back up and keep walking. Our trials make us who we are today. We grow from every moment we fail to execute. Be consistent, intentional, and persistent. My desire for you is to make it all the way to the top of your mountain. Shed the old you and prepare for the new you. You are made in the image of The Creator. You are worth it.

Failure leads to success. Don’t give up. Pray up.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

-James 1:5

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